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About us

About The Company

Mission-V is a unique tech-enabled Multi-Utility platform for Parents and Schools aiming at facilitating them with relevant information about admissions, news, events along with all aspects of parenting. Mission-V is a platform that has various fields that parents and schools can share.

ADMISSION: With a platform like Mission-V a parent can enrol for school admission at any hour of the day, also a parent needs to fill only one common admission form for any number of schools in DELHI/NCR. There are 150+ schools and 15000+ parents that have already joined Mission-V

PARENTING: Mission-V believes that the toughest journey of human life is parenting and thus supports them in their parenting journey through experts from various fields such as psychology, nutrition, education, nurturing and career. There are various article on tips, detailed advice and growth milestones of a child at different age groups right from a newborn to 18 years. Mission-V has a YouTube channel where expert’s videos (parenting insights, Dadi nani ke gharelu nuskhe, nutrition And School admission) are uploaded covering different aspects of parenting.

NEWS: Mission-V shares daily news feed from the state, country and world that are relevant for a parent and have a separate column for interviews. A motivation column (ACHIEVERS OF THE MONTH) for children excelling in a different field is a special feature

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