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About the Survey

Research & Analysis

The Objective

The biggest survey and the research conducted by our team of specialists aim to help parents by providing a list of top schools in each zone in Delhi NCR. The respondents in the survey rated each school and provided their opinions basis their personal experiences and the perceptions they hold regarding the schools. The ranking of the schools are based on holistic and perpetual research approaches. Holistic research is based on data collected to reflect a true picture and perpetual research comprehends how different respondents perceive the schools. Thus, make the entire process more robust.

The research conducted is bifurcated into three segments-

·         Desk basis research

·         Holistic and Perpetual Research

·         Data Analysis and Rating

Post the survey, a coherent analysis has been done to rate and rank the schools basis the data collected.

The survey was conducted across 12 zones in Delhi-

1.         North Delhi

2.         East Delhi

3.         West Delhi

4.          North west Delhi

5.         South West Delhi

6.         Central Delhi

7.        South  Delhi

8.         Noida

9.         Greater Noida

10.       Gurgaon

11.       Ghaziabad

The survey was executed during the interval of June 2019 to december 2019.

Segment- Desk Basis Research

An overall list of schools been generated with the help of extensive data been collected from various sources, includes:

·         List of schools shared by reputed and well known platforms such as Times School Survey. Last three years’ Time Survey data has been accumulated and basis conclusions the ranking has been granted to schools.

·         Magazines and other publications.

·         CBSE approved lists of schools.

·         Blogs on schools.

·         Unique surveys on different digital media platforms.

Segment-Factual Research

More than 750 schools were contacted telephonically and E-mails. Also all the relevant segments on school’s websites have been examined thoroughly to derive the accurate factual data.

The factual result derived basis analysis of the following segments:

·         General information of the School

·         Establishment Year

·         Affiliation

·         Total number of students

·         Board toppers

·         Infrastructure & facilities

·         Teaching methodology

·         Sports facility

·         Extra-curricular activity

·         Teachers facility

·         Total number of teachers

·         Student teacher ratio

·         Experience of teachers

·         Exchange programs and global exposure

·         Awards

·         Fee structure

Segment- Perpetual Research

The perpetual research has been ledby fetching the data, basis the survey conducted. The survey has been concluded by our technical team via telephone, e-mail and sharing a questionnaire on different digital media platforms. The major responders were parents, current students and alumni. The huge participation by all helps us to reach the unique outcome of providing all schools information on one platform.

Data Analysis

Final opinion about the schools and knowledge about their distinguished traits has been shared basis considerable data been accumulated via different segments. Different parameters of schools were highlighted and thus schools been rated accordingly.  A robust approach has been followed to arrive at final conclusions.

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